Decisions, Decisions...

What do I do? How? Where? 

These are all questions I ask myself regularly!

My photography has been described as quirky, creative, painterly, unusual - among other things!

  • It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are.– Paul Caponigro.
  • "You don't take a photograph, you make it" - Ansel Adams

In a nutshell, I take portrait photographs of people and animals, I want to portray the character behind the likeness,  maybe through a themed shoot, maybe with some digital enhancements, often just by capturing a particular expression.



You don't take a photograph, you make itAnsel Adams 

It's one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it's another thing to make a portrait of who they are.” 

 Paul Caponigro.

How to advertise then?

I want to meet people, not sit at home posting on social media.....

Then I paid a visit to somewhere I didn't know was there

Cardiff's Hidden Gem!

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market

A space full of the things I love....

Vintage furniture and period pieces - perfect inspiration for my love of themed/period portraits!

A community of creative, enthusiastic and friendly people!

Great atmosphere!

A stream of visitors who are already on my wavelength! 

Dog friendly, with a great cafe!

I Had a Lightbulb Moment!

I've taken a lot of advice on how to market a photography business from different people, it's all basically been the same: pay Facebook money to advertise and use the following process -  don't produce the same images as other photographers, plus I hate social media.

I don't even want to run my business the same way as photography businesses are expected to run!

  • 'Register to Win a Free Photoshoot' adverts,  I can't make a living by giving things away - I need you to purchase  more afterward!
  • Creating e-mail funnels that take your e-mail and bombard you afterwards with "unmissable offers', but you have to book NOW!
  • A landing page on a website with no pricing and a promise of a 'cinematic viewing of your images combined with an ordering session'. (You're emotionally vulnerable to those images, then you're presented with prices).

Let's be honest here, I can't make a living by giving things away, so if I advertise something free, I have to persuade you afterwards to purchase more afterward.

E-mail funnels can be used like Hogwart's Wizarding hat - they can estimate the responses into categories depending on the responses asked for in the registration process.  The likelihood of purchasing further, the average amount that each category is likely to spend on further purchases, whether someone is actively looking to purchase now or whether they need to be nurtured for the future, so I can target who I contact who and how to reply.

Or, they can be used to lead you into immediate commitments to purchase in advance by using cheaper pricing offers if you commit then and there.

That's the main purpose of a 'Landing Page'.

After the photoshoot, a personal viewing/ordering session is great.... but if there aren't prices available beforehand how do you know how much to budget for, or what to expect? You're going to be emotionally invested in those images, even before you see them - so how will you feel to see them, imagine them on your walls, or in an album for example, and then find out it's going to cost far more than you expected?

It's normal practice, - generally photographers aren't going to deliberately hold you to ransom over those images, but I don't enjoy these sales experiences as a customer myself, so don't feel comfortable using them.


I wanted another way, so....

Let's Go 'Vintage'?

You see examples of my work.

We talk - discuss prices, budget and expectation before anything else if you want!

You ask questions, I give the best answers I can.

If you want to work with me for portraits that's great, we can make arrangements to move forward

If you want to think things over and contact me later that's great too

If you feel another photographer would suit you better, then I may be able to suggest someone who would be better suited to what you want - no problem -I have lots of photographer friends and acquaintances!


We enjoy a conversation, if you don't like my work, I'm not offended, we can't all like the same style - which is why we all love a good browse around this amazing place!

I Found My Happy Place - Come and Meet Me Here!

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